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Believe It or Not…..

In the Ancient Egyptian Culture dental infections often lead to death.  It was very rare for a dentist to pull an infected tooth, in fact, instead a doctor would drill a whole in a person’s skull in order to drain the infection.  Opium was commonly used to alleviate the pain of this procedure. Although there […]

Our Founding Father’s Contribution to the Foundation of Dentistry

Contrary to popular belief George Washington did not have wooden teeth.  The enzymes found in saliva break down wood too quickly to make wood ideal for dentures. According to history, George Washington began loosing teeth at the age of 18.  Historians argue that the stress of being a general in the army compiled with poor […]


Believe it or not the earliest dental implants were discovered in Honduras at the excavation of a Mayan burial site in 1931.  The remains dated back to 600 AD. Archeologists discovered a fragment of a mandible, believed to belong to a female in her early 20s.  She had three tooth shaped pieces of shell placed […]