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Advances in Bone Grafting – Study Club Lecture 1

For decades we have been looking for an ample supply of materials that could produce vital bone for  repair of significant bony defect of the jaw. There are many opinions about the type of material to be used for the repair of missing bone.  Facial bones are the substructure needed to support the proper jaw […]

San Francisco Surgical Arts Study Club (Wednesday May 30, 2012)

Dear Colleagues, You are invited to the first San Francisco Surgical Arts Study Club meeting for General Dentists! Since our major goal is education, we will run this study club on a monthly basis starting from September through June of each year. The study club will be held in the elegant Infinity Board Room. You […]

What is a bone graft? Do I need one?

Bone Grafting Procedures are Commonly Needed Before Placing Implants: In order to place an implant the jawbone must have a certain amount of thickness (width), length and density.   Sometimes when a tooth and its surrounding structures have suffered from things such as infection or bone resorption the site can be deemed unsuitable for the placement […]