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Federal Dental Aid???

According to an article written in the New York times on May 1st, 2012, there has been an upraise of people arriving at the ER with complaints of severe pain from dental disease.  Several of these patients are requesting pain medication to dull their symptoms, leaving ER doctors scrambling to decide the best way to […]

What happens if I do not take care of a cavity????

What happens if I do not take care of cavities? Your general dentist can detect cavities, a.k.a “caries”, with a combination of an oral exam and x-rays.  Once a cavity is detected it must be cleaned and filled properly, it will not just go away spontaneously. The process of cleaning a cavity begins with removing […]

Believe It or Not…..

In the Ancient Egyptian Culture dental infections often lead to death.  It was very rare for a dentist to pull an infected tooth, in fact, instead a doctor would drill a whole in a person’s skull in order to drain the infection.  Opium was commonly used to alleviate the pain of this procedure. Although there […]